About Us

Shalmir, with her RN/BSN, was teaching nursing in her early career. She would see patients come and go who had surgeries and were put on strict diets and then sent home. These patients couldn’t find many of the specialty ingredients to make the healthy foods the doctors were requiring, and this prompted her to open her first storefront in 1978.

Shalmir’s Comfrey Corner of Heath moved to Indian Valley in Licking County in 1985 and followed with a storefront at Southgate in Heath in 1990.

In October 1995, Shalmir’s Comfrey Corner of Heath moved to their current location. Shalmir has built a thriving store with vitamins, herbs, natural & organic foods, gluten-free products, health & beauty supplies, collectibles, gifts, books, and more.

At the present time, Shalmir remains CEO of her storefront, while her daughter-in-law, Cathy, takes care of daily operations as the president of the company. Shalmir’s son, Tim, is the vice president of the company and takes care of all the maintenance for the store.

Shalmir's Comfrey Corner of Heath